Paleo Egg Muffins

Mar 7, 2011

There are a number of recipes for paleo muffins, which are a great way to get fast paleo food in the morning. As I usually do with cooking, I created my own recipe from the ones I found online. For 24 muffins, I assembled:

The odd sausage arrangement is simply because that is what I had on hand–once cooked and crumbled it was about 2 ½ cups worth of sausage.

I began by cooking the sausage, followed by sautéing the diced onion & pepper in the fat that rendered out of the sausage. After cracking all of the eggs into a a large bowl, I whisked them together with the yogurt. With all of that assembled, I combined the sausage with the pepper & onion and portioned it into a pair of muffin pans. The eggs are the last thing before the oven, filling each cup ⅔rds full. Into the oven for 15 minutes, rotate top/bottom pan, and give them another 7-10. The bottoms of mine were a bit under cooked, so I might try putting the lower rack all the way down, rather than the standard in-the-middle.