Atheism and Society

Feb 28, 2010

Phil Zuckerman, a sociology professor at Pitzer College and author of Society Without God, an analysis of religiosity and its effects on a society. Zuckermand gave a talk at the annual Freedom From Religion Foundation convention in 2009, highlighting many of the important statistics he analyzed for the book, which I will paraphrase below, using the section headings from his speech. As Zuckerman himself says, these are merely correlations—his prime aim towards Americans is to make clear that a lack of religion does not hinder a society.

Atheists are better educated

Atheists are less homophobic and more moral

Atheists in concentration results in societal success

First, let’s see the rates of residents reporting “no faith” in states.



Some statistics using those numbers:

Where I Stand

I’m on the side of the statistics, which show stronger societies are those with less religion.