Skittles Vodka

Sep 28, 2009

When walking through Ikea one day, I spotted the perfect bottles in which to make Skittles vodka. Starting with these, here is the process for making this infusion. Skittles vodka materials




Sorting Skittles The first tedious part of this process is sorting the Skittles into their various colors (ostensibly, flavors). I sat down in front of the Singapore Grand Prix with six plates: one for each of the five Skittles colors and an extra on which to dump packages for sorting. I bough a box of 36 normal-size (61 gram) packages of Skittles from Costco and ended up using 22 of the packs. To sort them, I poured a few packages onto one of the plates and separated the candies onto the five others.

After consulting other who had made Skittles vodka, I settled on needing 240 Skittles per liter of vodka.


Now comes the easy part. To get the Skittles into my narrow-mouthed bottles, I made a simple paper funnel and carefully poured the candies in. Easy. Then, I just used my liquid funnel to fill each bottle with vodka.

The assembled Skittles vodka team

Shake and Wait

After each of the containers was filled, I gave them a quick shake; within a few hours, much of the candies had dissolved. I left them overnight, and by the next day all that was left was a small bed of white pebbles in the bottom of each bottle.


Finally, the filtration. This step is the most difficult, because it requires a lot of patience even though you’re almost done!

Completed Skittles vodka

A lot of the mass of Skittles is binder—corn starch and the like. It leaves a significant amount of scum onthe top of your Skittles vodka mix. To strain it off, I started by using standard office coffee filters, but those clogged very quickly. I switched to normal paper towels, which made filtering take about 5 minutes per bottle. After filtering, re-bottle and enjoy your super-sweet vodka rainbow!