Zombie Defense Station

Apr 19, 2009

Completed Zombie Defense Station

I have finally completed my Zombie Defense Station.  Inspired by this post that made it around the internet a few months ago, my kit contains a Sig P226 handgun, a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun (as seen in  Jurassic Park), and a Gerber Gator machete, which looks unnecessarily evil.

The construction was pretty easy and consists of the following parts

15 inch machete saw

The first thing I did was get the airsoft guns and the machete, so that I could decide how big to make the enclosure.  I bought the SPAS-12 online at the suggestion of my roommate when I said that I just wanted an awesome looking shotgun.  We then trekked to various stores in the area in search of machetes.  After turning up empty handed at OSH, Home Depot, and Target we hit the jackpot in Sports Authority’s camping section.  For some reason, Gerber makes, and Sports Authority carries, this 15 inch, saw-back machete.  While I think it is absolutely unnecessary for camping purposes, the Gerber Gator is a great zombie knife.

I settled on 34 inches long and 15 inches high, since that fit the SPAS-12 nicely with room for the machete underneath.  I cut the box perimeter, screwed it square, and then screwed the back of the box to that.  I affixed some 3.5 inch long pieces of ½ inch pine square to the corners, upon which the plexiglass would later rest.  To mount the guns, I used some 2 and 3 inch long pieces of ½ in dowel that are screwed in place from the back of the box.  The machete is held in place by some small metal hooks that I got in the Home Depot hardware aisle.

15 inch machete saw

After the box was all assembled, I tossed a coat of gray paint on the inside, and bright red around the perimeter.  I cut a piece of 3/16 plexiglass with a razor knife (doesn’t work very well - is there a better way?) and stenciled it using the stick-on stencils I orderd from StencilEase.  To put the plexiglass into place, I used 3m Removable Mounting Squares.

My house is now safe from zombie attacks.