Old Techno Album Reviews: Dune - Expedicion

Oct 1, 2008

Best known for their eponymous debut album, Dune is a mid-90’s techno outfit whose music incorporates many of the styles endemic to House and Dance at the time. Expedicion is a good exploration of the style, featuring lots of fast beats throughout, a bit singing vocals and even some good-old meaningless talking throughout some tracks. The entire album is also sprinkled with radio recordings including the classic NASA piece, “we’re go for auto-sequence start” on the opening track Rising.

The album opens with my favorite track, Million Miles from Home which incorporates some speedy 808 beats, broken by slow and emotive sections and all with a melodic vocal loop. The track In My Dreams has a very IDM/drum and bass style to it and is topped off by vocals that are a bit more odd, but appropriate. In The Air, which is split into two disparate tracks, lends a somewhat trancey feel with it’s lower tempo and slower progression. The balance of the album, including Hand in Hand, Rainbow to the Stars and Around the World are almost Happy Hardcore anthems, save for their just-a-bit-too-slow tempos.