Tab History Add-on for Firefox

Nov 26, 2007

There are literally hundreds of lists of the best Firefox extensions yet few mention what I deem to be the most important: Tab History. A feature that I first became addicted to in Galeon, Tab History causes newly created tabs created by middle-clicking a link or clicking “Open Link in New Tab” to inherit the history of their parent.

That is, I can run a search, open a whole bunch of the windows in tabs and then close the windows with reckless abandon once I decide one of the tabs fulfills my needs. Later, if I find that the tab I’m reading doesn’t have the information I was searching for, I don’t need to ctrl+shift+t and sift through the tabs that I had prematurely closed searching for the web search that I had run. Instead, because the tab in question was spawned from said search, I simply hit ‘back’ and head right back to the original page.

Similarly, if I’m reading an article opening links in new tabs as I go, I will usually close that article’s tab before perusing the links that it contained. If I happen upon one of those new tabs and have forgotten what the context for it was in the article, I can simply hit the back button to find the answer.

Tab History really is the most important Firefox extension to me.